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European Patients Academy

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What is EUPATI?

The European Patients’ Academy (EUPATI) is a pan-European Innovative Medicines Initiative ( project of 33 organizations, led by the European Patients’ Forum, with partners...

Patient education in the UK

EUPATI UK intends for the dialogue around patient education and patient involvement to continue long after the formal end of the project in 2017, and patient, academic and industry members have already committed to...

Visit the EUPATI Toolbox

Discover, adapt and share over 3000 pieces of content about the medicines research and development process to help patients learn more about the role they can play.

Patients Involved

If you are a patient, patient advocate, and/or member of the public who is looking for opportunities to get involved in medicines research and development, please browse through the opportunities listed here.

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Organising a conference, workshop or information day? EUPATI UK can share their vision for patient education, provide a live demonstration of the EUPATI Toolbox, or use specific tools to guide a discussion around medicines R&D.

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