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European Patients Academy

Helena Binder

Helena Binder was diagnosed with asthma at 27 and began volunteering with Asthma UK as part of their research and policy team. Asthma UK fund scientific research into asthma and people living with (or caring for people with) asthma are part of the process to identify which applications should be funded. It was Helena’s role to help other patients read, digest and assess which applications were important to us (as patients ) and then sharing the consolidated feedback with the full committee which includes scientists and Asthma UK employees. Helena currently works in the medical communications industry helping the pharmaceutical industry and patients communicate with each other effectively.

“Completing the EUPATI course has been a great achievement for me. It was an in-depth study of the medicine development process in Europe, together with a pharmacology overview and lots of legal background. The best part of the course for me was meeting the other Fellows and Students. Everyone had inspirational stories to share. I am even more committed to sharing patient stories, insight and viewpoints after working with such a great bunch of people.”